Board of Officers

Judy Cobb- President
Maureen Hay- VP/Mem.
Zoraida Gillebaard- VP/Programs
Barbara Miller- Treasurer
Denise Fredette- Rec. Sec.
Joyce Brown- Correspond Sec.
Mary Florence- Historian
Suzie Wilkes- Parli.
Sharon Davis-VP/Publicity
Rima Corral-Telephone Chair

Board of Directors

Marilyn Frazier- Director
Donna Hrachovy- Director
Beverly Smolenski- Director
Peggy Boyd- Director
Marianne Richardson- Director
Pamela Daley - Director
Dawn Rodriquez- Director
Linda Jones- Director
Terrie Straughan - Director
Jody Eby- (Alternate)


Cancer Fighters of Houston, Inc. is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization formed in 1980 and is devoted to the prevention and elimination of cancer in all its forms.

By inspiring and uniting our members, Cancer Fighters of Houston, Inc. supports the concept of continuum of care by: promoting fundraising, offering educational programs, and encouraging service to those impacted by cancer.

The continuum of care addresses all ages and focuses on prevention, treatment, and recovery. Fundraising efforts will result in seed grants to support research and provide funds to support clinical educational services.
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